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Caherconlish Caherline Community Council Resolutions 2021

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 14th December and the following resolutions were passed :

Articles - Clause 47. Directors. The number of the directors shall be not less than three (3) and unless and until determined by the Company in general meeting, not more than eleven.

Memorandum of Association. Subsidiary objects/Powers. The existing section 4 powers are replaced by the powers as laid out in the Charities regulator template and retain the old subsidiary object (relating to the club licence - now clause 4.29.). Re-order and renumber clauses.

Annual Subscription- Clause 45. (Change the due date from July to January). Such subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of January each year.

Notices- Clause 84: A notice may be given by the Company to any member either personally or by sending it by post to their registered address, or by email to their registered email address.

A copy of the constitution is available by emailing


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