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Our Sustainable Energy Community Project

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Our Caherconlish Caherline Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) is a subcommittee of the Millennium Centre not for profit management company Caherconlish Caherline Community Council CLG.
We are in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).
They have helped us produce an Energy Master Plan (EMP) which includes full energy usage audits of some Businesses, Organisations, Clubs, Farms and Households in the approximate area of the parish of Caherconlish + Caherline. The total number of homes in our SEC is more than 1000.


An Energy Upgrade is best viewed as a SUPER SECURE RISK-FREE INVESTMENT where your capital outlay will be topped up by a 30% to 50% grant which saves money for the rest of your life even when you are asleep!

The annual return on your invested capital comes from the ongoing reduction in your energy bills which yields a TAX-FREE Return and beats the minuscule returns for saving deposits. It also pays environmental dividends by reducing air pollution and carbon emissions for everybody in our community and beyond for our children and grandchildren.

The average electricity and heating bill per home is circa €2000 per annum.
Therefore, in our SEC area the average domestic energy spend is €2000 x 1000 (homes) = €2,000,000 pa and for all sectors the total energy spend is circa €4,500,000 locally! A 20% reduction adds over €1,000,000 to our local economy.

For example, our local Millennium Community Centre has the capacity to harvest over 80,000 KWhrs (units) of solar electricity per annum. Installing electric heat pumps to replace the existing LPG heaters plus improved insulation and LED lighting will reduce the heating energy costs by >40%. We can also sell the surplus electricity whenever ESB Networks get their act together!

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