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Parenting Plus Programme

Hi All

Hospital Family Resource Centre in partnership with Croom Family Resource Centre are delivering a Parents Plus Programme to parents of children aged between six years and 11 (see attached poster) via Zoom.

This practical 8-week parenting course will cover the following topics:

· How can I help my child be confident and have good self-esteem.

· What is the best way to teach my child to behave well.

· How can I help my child improve his/her attention and learning

· What is the best way to help my child be cooperative and to keep to rules

· What is the best way to manage tantrums and other behaviour problems

This Programme is aimed at parents, guardians,

and carers of children aged 6 to 11 years of age to support each other. To book a place or find out more, contact Martha at Hospital FRC on 087 2813341 or Laura at Croom FRC on 0838646093.


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