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The primary goal of this lottery syndicate is to raise funds for the energy upgrade that has recently been completed at the Millennium Centre (MC). This upgrade has been completed, during what may prove to be the biggest challenge faced by the world this century: a global pandemic. The project shows what can be achieved by working together, and how strong our community spirit is!

The MC will now be in a position to generate most of its own electricity requirements, following the installation of a bank of PV solar panels on the roof of the centre. All lighting in the building has been switched to more energy efficient LEDs. An air curtain has been installed at the main entrance, to reduce heat loss, and all cavity walls have been pumped with insulation.

This lotto syndicate will provide a means where-by our community can come together once more as a collective, raise some funds to facilitate the centre getting back on its feet, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

You never know, we may win big!


Best of luck to everyone.

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